About us

Remember when technology was simple?


We certainly do.

  Back when Altavista was a household name and Steve Jobs had just come home to Apple, 3rdmill was founded with the core focus of bringing the latest technology – the third millennium – to its customers. Today the business has expanded to offer a full range of technology services to our customers, but the same spirit of simplicity and innovation continues to pervade every part of what we do. Our speciality is in delivering lean, scalable Cloud environments using Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure. But our expertise doesn’t end there¬† – we continue to partner with our customers throughout the entire technology life-cycle to help them;
  • Maintain constant cyber awareness in the ever-changing security landscape;
  • Design and implement robust networks and telephony solutions that scale with your business;
  • Streamline internal processes, minimise double entry and centralise data; and
  • Build an online web presence that becomes an extension of your business, not just another silo.
Good technology advice doesn’t need to be out of reach, no matter what stage of business you are in. If you are looking to Cloudify your business, digitise your workflows or just need a good technology partner to answer your burning questions, then we can help.